Training and Workshops for Parents, Carers and Professionals

As  well as individuals and practical support, Special Help 4 Special Needs provides a range of training workshops and study days for parents and professionals to attend. These can be organised in the home setting with a number of parents or in schools and care homes. 


"Special Needs-The Long Journey"

The workshop offers an insight and support in relation to issues related to having a child with special needs. It aims to provide both parents and professionals with skills to help them through what will be "the long journey" including:

  • The start of the journey following diagnosis
  • Some of the possible issues relating to having special needs child and possible strategies to assist.
  • The way forward as the child grows older.


"Special Needs & Puberty-Ready or Not, Here It Comes"

This workshop aims to explore the issues faced by children/teenagers with special needs and the people around them when the child/teenager is going through puberty. This includes:

  • Identifying some of the characteristics of puberty that have a massive impact upon children/teenagers with special needs. 
  • Provide some understanding in relation to anger management as a teenagers.
  • Look at practical approaches towards inappropriate sexualised behaviour.

"A very direct session not covering things up or shunning issues. I will certainly now spend more time discussing growing up with my son."


Other Workshops and Trainings include:

  • "Autism-Working with it, not against it"
  • "Becoming and adult-Transition in Special Needs"
  • Toilet Training-Beating the toilet monster"
  • "Becoming your own Supernanny-Dealing with behaviour"
  • "Just a few more minutes-Getting more sleep.


Workshop/Training Diary


"Dealing with those special moment"

A toolkit of essential skills"    

A series of five morning workshops

aimed at providing

Parents and carers of children with

Special needs including autism, Asperger's syndrome & ADHD with ideas and new skills.

       The Workshops will cover: 

    • Managing Behaviours                                   3rd February

    • Obsessions and Anxiety                                17th March

    • Puberty                                                           28th April 

    • Keeping Your Child Safe                              19th May

    • Transition and Employment                          16th June

    • Sleep Difficulties & Toilet Training             14th July

10am to 2pm in Whyteleafe,Surrey. 

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£20 Parents/Carers     £40 Professionals



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