Supporting the Individual


Being a parent of someone with special needs can be frustrating.  However for the child/young person with special needs it can be even more frustrating to try and understand their issues as well as making others aware.  As they develop so does the frustration as they reach puberty and all that entails. 

The ability to explore and express emotions, especially anger, is an important part of "normal" development.  However when a child/young person with special needs does not possess either the recognition of what is happening or cannot communicate to those around them, the frustration can become more physical in its nature.



 By utilising a range of skills I support the individual child/young person to explore what is happening with them.  This is achieved through:

  • One to one sessions helping the child/young person explore their emotions, feelings and anger management issues using a range of methods within the home or school setting.
  • Both individualised and group enhanced sex education courses
  • Issues relating to inappropriate sexualised behaviour


"Watch him with a child who does not know how to communicate.  See how he enters their world, at their own pace, taking the time to find the special language that will move them forward."

Benedicte, mother of Zachary


Whichever approach is used, the speed of implementation is dependent upon the individual and approaches used.


The following YouTube Show done by Sparkle Sheffield, a charity for individuals with Autism and their families in the Sheffield area.  It explores some of the work Mark does with individuals with additional needs and the difficulties with Puberty. 



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