About Mark Brown



"He is very hands-on and can-do, totally supportive and very non-judgemental - the sort of professional the others should aspire to be like!"

Yvonne, mother of Adam


I have worked with people with special needs for 30 years during which I have worked in long stay homes, including managing a home for adults with behavioural difficulties, as well as in direct work with parents and families.  I founded Special Help 4 Special Needs in 2010 and in my role as Special Needs Advisor, I work with a range of individuals with various special needs, including children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers Syndrome and many other conditions. Although the aim of this support is to assist the parents and families in working with their child's special need and associated difficulties, the most prominent issues have been:
  •          Behaviour
  •     Toileting issues
  •     Sleep
  •     Anxiety
  •   Sexuality and Puberty including sexualised behaviour

The approaches used are person centred as well as family centred to ensure greater success, and utilise various approaches including one to one sessions with the teenager exploring their emotions, etc. I have also been involved in the development of an enhanced sex education course for teenagers which also deals with inappropriate sexual behaviour.  In addition to my everyday work, I was a regular contributor for The LIME Magazine in which I was also the resident "Agony Uncle" in my Ask Mark column.

Away from my work, I also run a social club for adults with learning disabilities aimed at developing their social skills and confidence in using them.



Mark Brown - Special Needs Advisor
RNLD, MA Autism, Dip App Psych, Dip Prof Prac