If distance is an issue, I can offer video consultation using Skype.  The charge for a consultation  is £50 for an hour's one to one session, but the video streaming is free from Skype.  Rates for lectures will be dependent upon the requirements.

By offering such a service, I am able to help provide support for families and professionals where distance is a problem, including internationally.  The sessions will enable me to work with the family or professional to develop programmes for a range of issues including behaviour, toileting and sleep, which can be regularly reviewed via Skype.  During the session I am able to provide any necessary recording chats, written programmes, etc within a few minutes of the discussion and often simultaneaously.


  • How do I make an appointment for a Skype Consultation?

    If you are interested in booking a Skype session, please email me at sh4sn@sky.com outlining the situation, be sure to include your Skype Account Login Name . I will then respond as soon as is practically possible, at which point a Skype session can be arranged (please take into account time differences when arranging a session).


  • How do I attend my Skype Video Consultation?

    At the time of your appointment, ensure that you are signed in to Skype and online. I will make a call to you - select the green button to answer the call.
    Note: You may need to press the "Start My Video" button in order for the Video to commence.


  • Where can I find more information about Skype?


Payment is then made prior to the session via paypal using the online shop page.